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Wireless Restaurant Service Call System

The electronic call system is a smart device that allows customers who need something from the waiter, like water, check or order, and by pressing the corresponding button they alert him and he knows what to bring. So the customers will be happy with the fast and quality service, they do not need to signal the waiter and so the whole atmosphere is quieter and more pleasant.

It can be used widely in restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, hotels, clubs, bars, clinics and in general wherever you need to alert people who are at a distance without shouting.

The system consists of:

Electronic calling device that is placed on the table with 4 buttons with the following notices:

Water (-Water -)

Account (-Bill -)

Order (-Service -)

Canceling a call (- Cancel-)

At the same time, the kitchen notifies the waiter electronically that the order is read.

A special watch for the waiter that receives and displays the electronic call with details the customer calling and what he wants.A single watch can accept calls from 99 tables.

Home screen (optional) accepts and displays the online calls with details of who the customer called and what he wants. Accepts calls from 35 table.